Formal Verification at University of Lugano

Our Lab is a part of Informatics Faculty at University of Lugano. The Lab was established in 2006 when Prof. Sharygina moved from Carnegie Mellon University to University of Lugano after receiving a career award from the Tasso Foundation. The Lab projects focus on automated formal verification with a particular interest in software/hardware model checking, information security, static analysis, abstract interpretation and decision procedures. We create both theoretical frameworks and practical tools to enable sound and scalable verification of industrial-size systems.

For questions about the Lab projects and open positions, contact natasha [dot] sharygina [at] usi [dot] ch.

We also lead student semestral projects, take a look at the list of topics that we offer.

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Latest news


Our paper "Definability of Accelerated Relations in a Theory of Arrays and its Applications" has been accepted to FroCoS 2013.


Our paper "eVolCheck: Incremental Upgrade Checker for C" has won the best student paper award at TACAS 2013.


Our paper "PINCETTE - Validating Changes and Upgrades in Networked Software", co-authored with the PINCETTE partners, has won the best paper award at the European Project Track at CSMR 2013.


Our paper "eVolCheck: Incremental Upgrade Checker for C" has been accepted to TACAS 2013.


Our paper "Using Cross-Entropy for Satisfiability" has been accepted to SAC 2013.


We are co-organizing CAV 2013.


Our paper "Incremental Upgrade Checking by Means of Interpolation-based Function Summaries" has been accepted to FMCAD 2012.


The EU FP7/PINCETTE project got the highest possible score from the annual review performed in Brussels in June. The overall assessment states that the progress in the project has been excellent, and that the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations.


Our paper "FunFrog: Bounded Model Checking with Interpolation-based Function Summarization" has been accepted to ATVA 2012.


Our papers "Leveraging Interpolant Strength in Model Checking" and "SAFARI: SMT-based Abstraction For Arrays with Interpolants" have been accepted to CAV 2012.


Our paper "Lazy Abstraction with Interpolation for Arrays" was accepted to LPAR 2012.


Our project ''Quality of Interpolants in Model Checking'' has been funded by SNSF for 3 years. The correspondent position for a PhD student is open now.


Our paper "Interpolation-based Function Summaries in Bounded Model Checking" was accepted to HVC 2011.


Aliaksei Tsitovich received the PhD degree from the University of Lugano, with a thesis titled "Scalable Abstraction for Efficient Security Checks".


Prof. Sharygina and Dr. Bruttomesso are presenting OpenSMT and its applications to verification at MIT SAT/SMT summer school.


Our article on combination of precise and approximated abstractions appeared in  International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT).


Our latest work on the summarization-based termination analysis resulted in the paper, which will be presented at TACAS'11.


Our EU project PINCETTE is in the press "Tweezers to remove errors".


Alpine Verification Meeting 2010 in Lugano (see photo)


Our EU project PINCETTE is in the press Corriere del Ticino: "Mission: eliminate bugs".


The registration for FMCAD 2010 is open. Our Lab will be pleased to welcome you in Lugano on October 20-23, 2010.


Our paper "An Efficient and Flexible Approach to Resolution Proof Reduction" was accepted to HVC 2010.


OpenSMT 1.0 alpha has won 3 categories in SMT Competition 2010: QF_IDL, QF_RDL and QF_UFIDL.


Our paper "Flexible Interpolation with Local Proof Transformations" was accepted to ICCAD 2010.


New paper "A Model Checking-based Approach for Security Policy Verification of Mobile Systems" will appear in the Formal Aspects of Computing Journal.


"A Flexible Schema for Generating Explanations in Lazy Theory Propagation" paper was accepted to Memocode 2010.